House Week Day 4 | Favorite Friendship - House/Thirteen

"You spend your whole life looking for answers because you think the next answer will change something. Maybe make you a little less miserable. And you know that when you run out of questions you don’t just run out of answers, you run out of hope. Are you glad you know that?"

So our little kitten wont be very little for long. She is at least half Maine Coon. x’D


so we took our little one to the vet for her first shots and the vet wrote down Maine Coon in her passport??? like what, she’s a maine coon?? but she’s not that fluffy? I don’t even know anymore what she is xD we just thought she was a regular tabby tbh


House Week

Day 2: Favorite female character - Remy Hadley (aka Thirteen)

house week, day two: favourite female character → remy hadley

I have huntington’s chorea. Dozen years or so, my nervous system, my cognitive skills, even my emotional balance, they’ll all start to fray. I won’t be able to fly. I won’t be able to walk. I won’t be able to breathe. [And you want to make sure your life matters?] I don’t wanna just be tightening bolts and following instructions, I want something to be different, because of me.

house week, day one: favourite male character → robert chase

I don’t hate him. I loved him until I figured out it hurts a lot less to just not care. You don’t expect him to turn up to your football match? No disappointments. You don’t expect a call on your birthday, don’t expect to see him for months? No disappointments. You want us to go make up? Sink a few beers together, nice family hug? I’ve given him enough hugs. He’s given me enough disappointments.


lady relationships on ouat: ruby & belle

Big Hero 6 Japanese trailer (x)